NOTE: I made this game in 1 week participating in Week #143 of the Weekly Jam.  Due to COVID19 I recently was laid off and decided to do my first game jam.

CONTROLS: [asdw] to move the character and jump. You have the ability to jump 3 times in the air. Once you land on the ground, you re-generate 3 jumps again.

TIP:  For high level coins hard to reach, use the inca art platforms to gain higher ground and reach them jumping from them. =]

Game Instructions: The goal is to survive the longest possible amount of time. You have a countdown of 30 seconds in the upper right hand corner. Collect coins to add time to the counter.  The person who survives the longest wins! Beat the high score over and over again.


Programmer :  DevMando

Graphic Design Credits
1) Water Fall :: NYKNCK :: 
2) Inca Graphics :: Kronbits ::
3) Jungle Graphics :: Jesse Munguia ::
4) Coin Graphics :: La Red Games ::
6) Ghost Characters :: MarwaMJ ::

Soundtrack Credits:
1) Among the Free -13 Level 7 :: Bocuma ::
2) Sound Effects :: JDWasabi ::


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nice game, but you need to me more clear on the jump instruction

thank you

Looks really great, but I seem to not be able to jump very high, maybe I am doing something wrong, but with the 3 jumps I barely get higher then the players height.

thank you for the comments and playing! To reach the coins at the top you have to jump on the second level platforms (inca art) and jump off from there XD


The controls feel really good!  I got 122

Thank ya!! Something I tried to pay great attention to, I think the jump can be improved just a tad bit, but thank you for playing and the comments, appreciate it.

Nice game! Love the sprites, the animation, the trail behind the player. The movement is good as well. I'm just a little confused, as even with triple jump I can't reach the highest coins. Is that intended? Otherwise, great game!

Thank you for the comments and for playing the game! For the jumps it's something I kept going back and forth about... so there might be room for re-design and think about the objective with more time. I decided to leave them in there and add two inca art style elevated levels where the player can jump off of and reach the higher coins. Definitely something to think about now that the jam is over and I can polish the game. 

Nice, keep it up. Thanks for jamming.

Thanks for playing!!


addictive. Well done

<3 I appreciate it!!